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Morgan's Note

This is my first issue that I’ve worked on since becoming a mom – in fact, my five-week-old son is in a rocker next to me as I type – and the thing that has changed the most for me, aside from the lack of sleep, is that I have become resolutely committed to making this city the very best it can be for him and for his future. With all of the depressing news bombarding us day after day, locally, regionally, nationally and globally, it can be difficult to have a positive outlook on anything. But every time I see his smile (which is a very recent development, and as any parent will tell you, a very exciting one) I can’t help but believe that there’s hope.
I am constantly blown away by the astounding breadth and depth of nonprofits in our city. As an example, just look to our Registry of Charitable Events for September-December 2017. There are more than 80 events listed there over only four months! Use this listing as your calendar; instead of spending a night at your neighborhood watering hole, consider purchasing tickets to an event that supports a cause that interests you, and support your city while imbibing, sampling delicious food and enjoying live music to boot.
 This issue has beautiful people, outfits, home décor, kitchen and bath updates, weddings and so much more, but I hope that you see that all of it is focused on the goal of making our lives better. Through helping others, we can become our best selves, and caring for ourselves is an important part of that.
As the promise of pumpkin spice, evening walks and cooler temperatures become a reality, our calendars begin to fill up. In the midst of that, I’m going to try to take a moment every day to do something that makes me worthy of this little one’s smile, and I hope to introduce him to you when we see you around!

Morgan Packard Griffith



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