Like happy hours, meetings and most interactions over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, many wedding-related events and details went virtual. The virtual shift helped brides and grooms keep a sense of normalcy when planning their eventual nuptials. One thing that went virtual, and saves paper, are save-the-date cards. New Orleans Bride magazine editor Melanie Warner Spencer stopped by WWLTV to chat about these virtual invitations, and we’ve got the scoop on the conversation here.

Let Them Eat Cake: Why is it that virtual save the dates were considered an etiquette no-no in the past?

Melanie Spencer: Traditionally, printed save-the-dates were the go-to as the first correspondence with guests to set the tone for the rest of the event. They would complement the invitation suite sent later. Virtual save-the-date posed challenges for less-tech savvy guests.

LTEC: What has changed?

MS: There was already a small shift toward electronic, especially for sustainability-minded couples. Couples who want to have fun with save-the-dates and later shift to a more elegant theme for printed wedding invitations were aided by the pandemic, as it ushered the change along faster.

LTEC: What are some reasons couples opt for virtual save-the-dates over printed?

MS: It’s a time saver with no stamping or post office visit involved. Couples can receive guest responses more quickly and are able to communicate in real-time with guests, especially regarding last-minute changes. Though there is still a cost, this option is less expensive and, essentially, more sustainable.

LTEC: How can couples give their virtual save-the-dates a look and feel that matches their personality and aesthetic as a couple? 

MS: There are so many platforms now for creating e-cards. Couples are sure to find an option in alignment with the look and feel they are trying to achieve, as well as some sites provide the option of custom creation. This gives a wider variety of customizing and can ensure a better match to the look of the wedding invitation itself. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the more custom a virtual save-the-date, the more money a couple may have to invest.

All in all, the virtual option for a couple’s save-the-date provides a lot of positives. Guests can respond in a timelier manner, as well as receive communication and updates in real time. Plus, it’s less expensive and more sustainable. The pandemic has changed our outlook on many things, so whether you’re changing things up or simply trying to cut costs, a virtual save-the-date might be the perfect option for you and your future spouse.