10 Must-Haves

Beauty basics that everyone should own.

It seems as though there’s a new cosmetic product on the market every day, which can make it very difficult to keep up with the latest styles, much less decipher what look would look best on you. Luckily, there are 10 key cosmetic products that every woman should own. These will truly enhance your natural beauty and get you looking your best.

While it’s fun to try out a variety of different colors and effects with your make-up, try and keep these 10 pieces relatively constant to ensure you always look your best.
1. A Lengthening Black Mascara
When you ask the vast majority of men what the one thing they notice when they look at a woman is, you’ll often receive “her eyes” as your response. Using a good, lengthening, black mascara will help enhance the look of your eyelashes, which creates that eye-opening appearance that will get you noticed. I always have been a Dior mascara girl, but lately I’ve been digging Lash Blast by Cover Girl and Armani mascaras!

2. Moisturizer
Moisturizers with SPF included should definitely be on your “need-to-have-it” list – if for no other reason than to prevent wrinkles and sun damage. Quote me here: SPF is the best anti-aging product out there. I currently have been testing the Olay Pro X line, and I like it so far. If your skin needs a quick boost, Clinique’s Moisture Surge is fabulous for those times when you just can’t beat the dryness.

3. Black and White Eyeliners
White eyeliner can really work wonders for your eyes if you use it at the very inner corner. By placing a small white line there, regardless of whether you carry it around to the outer corner, you can make your eyes appear larger and help you look more awake. I also love a good black eyeliner to “cat eye” my eyes; when I’m feeling particularly dangerous I’ll “rim” the inside of my bottom lashes.

4. Shine-Free Powder
Having some shine-free powder that you can carry around is a great way to keep your look matte, preventing an oily appearance. Make sure you don’t overdo the powder; otherwise you’ll get a “caked-on” look. Just gently dab
it with a puff over shiny areas (usually the T-zone).

5. Lightly Colored Lip Gloss
Glossy lips can be the perfect pick-me-ups for an otherwise natural face. If you’re torn between lipstick or gloss, go with the gloss to keep the look au naturel. I love the range at MAC and, to feel a little more exclusive, those by
Yves St. Laurent.
6. Long-Lasting Blush
Finding a good long-lasting blush is a must for every woman. What you don’t want is a blush that will end up fading as the day goes on or, worse yet, smearing it across your cheeks when you start to sweat (we all sweat a small amount throughout the day). It is worth your money to invest in a higher quality blush. Nars Orgasm and Dior Bronzer are my favorites.

7. Crease-Free Cream Eye Shadow
When it comes to applying eye shadow, you’ll likely find that the shades will apply smoother and stay on longer if you first use an eye shadow base. A creamy neutral color works well for most skin types and won’t change your shadow color much at all. There are so many fun cream shadows available – MAC, Shu Uemura
and Bobbi Brown brands all have great options.

8. Moisturizing Lip Balm
Regardless of what type of lipstick or gloss you use, it’s not going to look good if your lips are dry and chapped. Finding a moisturizing lip balm that you can use right before bed and first thing upon waking can help retain the soft condition of your lips. Total makeup artist cult item: Rosebud Salve.

9. Concealer
Concealer is another must-have, whether you use it for under eye bags, uneven skin tone or blemishes. Some prefer not to leave home without it. Touche Éclat from Yves St. Laurent and Benefit’s “Eye Paste” are both great choices.

10. Q-Tips
The last essential piece you should always have in your cosmetic bag is Q-tips. Q-tips are terrific for fixing any small errors you make during application or smears throughout the day. Another great use for a Q-tip is to smudge some dark eye shadow – ever so slightly – to create a really great smoky line.

The next time you’re at the beauty department purchasing some new cosmetic products, double check and be sure that you have all of these 10 base products covered.

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