12 tips to make your soirée bright – without overdoing it.

Before you start adding on false eyelashes, loads of shimmer and berry-red lipsticks, remember that less is more – especially when it comes to your holiday beauty routine. It is always fun to add flair and drama to your look, but that doesn’t mean you should swipe on as much makeup as possible to get that glammed-up look. The No. 1 mistake women make with holiday makeup is going the “more is more” route; this can work for a Christmas tree, people, but not for your makeup. Fasten your seatbelts; soirée season is almost here!

Choose one feature to highlight: Pick one feature to use as your standout moment when you enter a room; choose between your eyes, mouth, cheeks, brows, eyelashes and skin. Let one feature shine whole the others star in supporting roles. Just remember that your support features should be groomed as well.

Instead of false eyelashes,
try dramatic eye makeup: Take a black pencil and fill in the base of your upper lashes to make the roots of your lashes appear thicker. Grab a cotton tip with makeup remover and take away the extra liner so the black is only at the base. With an eyelash curler, give your lashes a full curl until it feels like they’re about to touch your brows. Start with the top of the lashes, then push the mascara wand from the under side, swaying it side to side as you push and roll the wand up the length of your lashes. As you get to the end of the lashes, hold the wand for a moment so that you don’t lose the work you did on the curl. Do this three of four times or until you get your desired thickness.

Instead of sparkle on your face, try beauty balm: There is a big trend in beauty balms for cheeks right now; they give color and a beautiful sheen, almost creating an inner glow. Givenchy has a beautiful lip and cheek balm that gives both shine and a touch of color. Look for a foundation that gives a beautiful feel to skin.
Instead of false nails, try making your real nails look fab: Demure colors are always a safe bet, but I think brightly colored nails are the perfect party accessory. The best way to rock a bold nail color – like all the great emerald greens this season – is to keep your fingers manicured and your nails short and shapely. Long nails paired with bold colors look like claws, which is a holiday don’t.

Instead of an overly coiffed hairdo, try a soft, loose bun: Leave the curling iron and hot rollers in the drawer. This season, amp up your hairstyle by adding a soft volume mousse to your hair to give it some texture. Take a large round brush and a blow dryer to give your hair some soft, loose waves, then softly pull your hair back into a loose bun. Let your face shine forward; be confident and don’t hide behind a curtain of hair.

Instead of overpowering perfume, try 
shower gel: We have all had the experience of someone’s perfume coming into the room before they do, right? Perfume should entice a person to come closer, not repel them. Try a shower gel; many fragrance companies make shower gels in the same fragrance as your favorite perfume; it will leave a light hint of your fragrance deliciously veiled over your body. 

Instead of heavy foundation, try tinted moisturizer: Heavy foundation never covers the problem. In fact, it’s more likely to highlight the very things you’re trying to hide. When I’m trying to create a flawless look, I usually start with a tinted moisturizer to balance the color, then I’ll go over with a pencil brush (like YSL’s Touche Eclat) and pick off the problem areas one-by-one. If your skin has just a few small areas that need help, you can skip the base and go where you need it with a foundation brush and just blend in some liquid base in a tone that makes it appear the same color as the rest of your skin.

Dos and Don’ts for Perfecting Holiday Makeup
5 final tips before you race our the door
1. Do keep your skin looking fresh

2. Do blend your colors; don’t overdo the color
3. Don’t over correct your brow or lip line, as it will only give a drag queen feel to your makeup
4. Do make sure that your foundation blends with the rest of your body; a white face and tan shoulders never looks good
5. Don’t go too dark or sharp on your eyebrows


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