NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Poindexter’s Delicatessen, a fresh deli concept helmed by Kellen Poindexter, has just opened at the St. Roch Market. Poindexter’s is an ecologically responsible eatery that seeks to impact the local dining sphere with its focus on sustainably sourced ingredients and goods.

Kellen balances a passion for fine flavor and easy mealtime options with his new location at the St. Roch Market. A graduate of the Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, Texas, Kellen’s tenure in the culinary world has extended over 17 years.

Visitors can expect fresh, flavorful salads rife with local flavor and a rotating menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner sandwiches with add-on options like roasted, broiled, and rotisserie-style meats and vegetables.

Kellen’s expansive personal experience in the culinary industry lends itself to an unfussy menu filled with family favorites like the savory prime rib French dip, thinly sliced rotisserie chicken sandwiches, and a decadently gooey grilled cheese. Hearty sandwich options are served in tandem with a series of salads and soups.

Visitors favor the flare of flavor found in the Waldork salad, and cups of soup like the Vegan Green Gumbo and French Onion are perfect for a cozy afternoon spent in the historic St. Roch Market space.

Poindexter’s Delicatessen is now open 7 days a week serving three meals a day at St. Roch Market. You can purchase online here.