1. You can go to a different restaurant every day for months, feeling like you're becoming a New Orleans cuisine expert and still be reminded that there's an endless list of places you've yet to try. And there's always new places opening up. Constantly. It's impossible to keep up.

2. For me, the show "Treme" was boring because living in New Orleans can actually be a lot more exciting than the show ever depicted it being.

3. I believe that the humidity is great for your skin. I haven't discovered one wrinkle since moving here.

4. The Saints are less of a football team and more of a religion. The Pelicans? More like a hobby to take up when it's not football season.

5. Men wear pastels here in the spring/summer months and it's not ironic.

6. Living through the southern snowpocalypse of 2014 taught me that If the Yankees had wanted to win the Civil War a lot quicker, all they needed to do was ice the roads. One-half inch of sleet > The Great State of Louisiana.

7. Easter, my least favorite holiday growing up because of its intrinsically depressing nature (a new dress and chocolate never helped), is actually a wonderful time here. Seriously, go to the "Gay Easter Parade".

8. Mardi Gras is f–ing crazy.

9. Don't believe any of the "best of" lists that you read — the best burger in New Orleans is from Yo Mama's and it's topped with peanut butter and bacon.

10. Direction here is meaningless. You need a Jack Sparrow compass that doesn't point north. You must go east to reach the west bank.

11. Jazz Fest is not just a music festival. It's a holiday.

12. Vietnamese food is amazing.

13. You get used to all the bugs but still jump a little when a cockroach crosses your path.

14. Most famous people are short.

15. The summer is just one big party, with little breaks in the middle called a "work week". Every weekend brings a different festival.

16. Halloween is only one day out of about 50 in the year in which wearing a costume would be appropriate.

17. Abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent isn't exactly much of a sacrifice, because crawfish.

18. Contrary to the popular show "The Originals," respectable vampires never say "New Orleenz".

19. It might be one of the only cities where it's sometimes easier to get around on a bike. I'm always passing by stopped traffic on my way through the French Quarter.

20. I never want to leave.