2015 New Orleans Top Female Achievers

Photographed by Jeffery Johnston

It is no longer novel that women are achieving great success in their fields, many of which were once exclusive to men.
While there’s no longer novelty in the news, there are, among all people, discoveries in the storytelling. We present here 10 women whose stories are worth knowing, as we look for the spark and the moment that propelled them to what they have become. We honor these women not so much for breaking new ground, but for expanding the territory.



Beverly Church

Executive Editor, St. Charles Avenue Magazine

Jennifer Hale

Sideline Reporter, The NFL on Fox, Fox Sports

Sean Yseult

Artist and Bassist, Star & Dagger

Carolyn Barber-Pierre

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Tulane University and Co-Founder, Casa Samba

Dr. Laura T. Murphy

Director and Founder, The Mordern Slavery Research Project

Melissa A. Weber, aka DJ Soul Sister

DJ Artist, Radio Programmer and Music Writer

Heather Lolley

Director of Restaurant Operations, Link Restaurant Group

Stephanie Grace

Political Columnist, The Advocate

Jax Frey



Patricia Molina

Richard Ashman, Ph. D. Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, LSUHSC and Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center of Excellence, LSUHSC





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