NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Dust off your “Corona Jewels” or plop on a “Crown of Iris” (say it out loud)…or maybe just balance a 6-pack of Mexican beer on your head because the St. Catherine’s Day Hate Parade is happening in 2021.

Not feeling “Corona Creative?” No worries! Just grab a hat from your costume closet and COME TO THE PARADE!

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of bubbles and their Chevaliers du Champagne will pour it for you, and provide you with a commemorative champagne glass.



This is a WALKING PARADE — The city requires that we STAY ON THE SIDEWALK.

This parade is for HUMANS ONLY — The sidewalks are uneven and animals are unpredictable, so NO BICYCLES OR PETS are allowed.

Help keep participation FREE by contributing $10 toward music & other parade expenses: