Q: What sets you apart from your competition?
A: At MLM, Inc. it’s the systems and processes we utilize on and off-site — such as online project management platforms, unwavering communication, dedication to customer care and warranty services — that are priorities to us. We make sure our clients feel they’re taken care of, listened to and their needs are met both during active construction and when we’re no longer physically onsite. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about the job?
A: Building. I really enjoy seeing project transformations, particularly when working on high-end projects with design at the forefront of the vision. A close second would be problem solving. Discussing problems and landing on solutions together as a group is central to building a strong team and maintaining a positive company culture.  

Q: Why did you become a builder?
A: I’ve held a lifelong fascination with building things, from Legos at a young age to Diecast model cars as a teenager. The creative part of my brain finds it incredibly satisfying to witness things come together from nothing. 

Q: What is your greatest challenge or toughest project?
A: The most challenging projects are always historic full renovations that have been neglected for many years — sometimes even decades. These projects often entail changing the entire foundation, reframing 70% of the home and multiple change orders that can create strain on the relationship between the general contractor and the client. 

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