Jennifer Weishaupt believes brunch without craveable & creative flavor, gracious hospitality and eye-opening cocktails is just a sad breakfast. She has brought that passion for brunch and the “brunch life” culture to each Ruby Slipper Café restaurant since opening their original Mid-City location in 2008. 

Born out of the desire to create a welcoming space for their Mid-City neighbors as they worked to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, the original Ruby Slipper became a hit with hours-long waitlists every weekend.  Weishaupt soon realized they could share this same sense of community with more New Orleans neighborhoods by creating lively experiences and preparing scrumptious food.  She got to work utilizing her engineering background, management skills and brunch harder mindset to expand the business.

Since opening in 2008, Ruby Slipper has grown and now operates two brands, Ruby Slipper and Ruby Sunshine with twenty restaurants in six states throughout the Southeast.  

“I am proud of our New Orleans roots, and we love bringing the spirit of brunch and soul of New Orleans to other parts of the US,” says Weishaupt. The brand is excited to announce 5 new locations opening this year, including a second Metairie location on Veterans, as well as in Destin, Fl and a second Charleston, NC location!  //  Ruby Slipper  //  7 Greater New Orleans Restaurants