The field of cardiology care is constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques emerging each day to better treat cardiovascular disease and improve patient outcomes. On the forefront of bringing these technologies to New Orleans is Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS).

CIS has two clinic locations in the New Orleans area, one in Uptown and one on the Westbank. Interventional cardiologists include Drs. Sid Bhansali, Michael Gaglia Jr, Ahmad Jabbar and Owen Mogabgab. CIS offers advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients experiencing all forms of cardiovascular disease, including coronary and carotid artery disease and peripheral artery disease and venous disease in the legs. 

Cardiovascular conditions in the legs are usually identified by leg pain, cramping, or discoloration. In the case of peripheral artery disease, plaque buildup in the arteries reduces blood flow to the legs. Just like clogged arteries in the heart, clogged arteries in the legs raises the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Other symptoms include numbness, coldness, sores that won’t heal, discoloration, hair loss, shiny skin or weak pulse. 

Just like in the arteries, damaged veins in the legs can also cause vascular leg complications. Venous disease is a condition when the veins in the legs do not properly return blood back to the heart. Damaged or weakened veins cause blood to flow backwards and pool in the legs. This leads to visible, painful or swollen veins, including varicose or spider veins. Varicose veins are enlarged, bulging or twisting veins, whereas spider veins are smaller and are seen as blue or red lines closer to the skin’s surface. Other symptoms of venous disease in the legs include swelling, heaviness, leg pain, discoloration, eczema, ulcers, restless legs or itching. 

CIS continues to be a pioneer of innovative heart and vascular care and consists of more than 60 cardiologists in every specialty of cardiovascular medicine. With more than 20 locations across Louisiana and Mississippi, CIS brings world-class cardiovascular care to patients across the region. Since the institute began in 1983, its mission has remained to provide the highest-quality cardiovascular care available. 

Trust our experts in the New Orleans area with your care. If you experience symptoms of cardiovascular disease, either in your heart or in your legs, schedule an appointment today at  //  2633 Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans  //  1901 Manhattan Boulevard, Harvey