Executives work ON their business rather IN it when Julie Couret is their Executive Coach.

Julie employs industry leading coaching best practices to ensure that Executives are doing work that is the highest and best use of their time. Executives that shoulder the weight of their companies’ most important decisions work with Julie to receive a level of candid feedback most CEOs never experience.

Executives get laser-focused work with Julie, often creating the strategy, drafting key messaging, identifying the who, what, and when in their one-on-one sessions with Julie. Julie works directly within organizations when needed, trusted to lead change management efforts. She sits in executive staff meetings, conducts departmental feedback and planning sessions, and coaches/trains Leadership.

Julie’s years of expertise in leadership development, workplace culture, and change management partnered with her roll-up-the-sleeves relatable approach ensures CEOs don’t stagnate in plan and discuss mode. With a proven track record spanning nearly 20 years, Executives, organizations, and corporations have both a confidential sounding board and implementer of their vision with Julie Couret as their Coach.

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