Chris Roberts-Antieau has been enchanting audiences via her one-woman gallery in New Orleans since 2010. Her textile-based works are both complex and diverse, evoking deep emotional connection and the feeling of being alive. As a self-taught artist, Chris was able to create freely without feeling the constraints of conformity, which is why New Orleans was the perfect home for her flagship gallery. She was the first artist owned gallery on Royal Street proving that creative autonomy is both possible and successful. Each piece in the gallery is hand-sewn, using techniques such as fabric appliqué and thread painting.

 Continuing Chris’s legacy in New Orleans, Gabrielle Banzhaf has cultivated Antieau Gallery into a true destination gallery, including concerts, workshops and community programming. “Not only did Antieau Gallery survive the last two years, we thrived,” says Gabi.
“People couldn’t travel nearly as much, but they discovered they could explore the world through Chris’s work.”

 A creative sanctuary settled in the heart of the French Quarter, Antieau Gallery reminds
its visitors of the shared human experience, the freedom in creating art, and the joy lying
within them.  //  504-304-0849  //  719 Royal Street, New Orleans