Infused with their proprietary Cajun marinade and freshly coated in a flaky breading, you’ll smell Krispy Krunchy Chicken before you even see it. With 2,700 locations spread across 48 states, this “gas station chicken” is the proud owner of a cult-like following. Despite being known as the “best fried chicken you’ve never heard of”, Krispy Krunchy Chicken sells a whopping 1.3 million pounds of chicken a week. 

“So many people think it’s their own little secret,” says Dan Shapiro, CEO. “We have such a great cult following and it’s amazing to watch the growth on social media. People are coming together realizing their favorite niche fried chicken is shared across the country.” Among its most notable followers is Serena Williams, who enjoyed Krispy Krunchy as her celebratory meal after making Forbes’ ‘Richest Self-Made Women’ list. 

In addition to serving the best fried chicken out there, the Louisiana-founded company remains dedicated to philanthropy. Since Hurricane Katrina, Krispy Krunchy has utilized its ability to mobilize quickly to feed underserved and disaster-affected areas – most recently serving chicken to residents in Arabi affected by the tornados.  //  1-800-290-6097  //  2,600+ locations nationwide