With a mission to provide “Healthcare that empowers”, New Orleans East Hospital strives to tangibly improve the well-being of citizens across Louisiana. Dr. Sheryl Martin-Schild, Stroke Medical Director at New Orleans East Hospital, works diligently to fulfill the hospital’s mission through her work providing emergency treatment to stroke victims and aiding in their successful recoveries. Dr. Martin-Schild also serves as the state’s Stroke Medical Director, a role in which she and a team of passionate medical professionals improve the identification and treatment of stroke across all Louisiana hospitals.  

 Established to revitalize Eastern New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans East Hospital serves as a community healthcare champion and is purposed to educate and support New Orleanians in being their best healthcare advocates, especially regarding stroke prevention and care. As a native New Orleanian herself, Dr. Martin-Schild is deeply connected to her community’s well-being and understands the region’s unique health challenges.  

  “I invested in New Orleans East Hospital because I love to work in this community where my mission aligns with that of the Hospital – Healthcare that empowers,” says Dr. Martin-Schild.  

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