Having developed a penchant for the fine details of spaces, Diane Killeen has for 20 years now owned and operated her decorative art firm specializing in custom hand-painted surface finishes for both historical and contemporary settings. Prior to establishing her firm, Diane spent years mastering her trade. She completed the esteemed London’s City & Guilds Decorative Painting and Restoration program, honed her skills in Florence, Italy, and worked with International Fine Arts Conservation Studios restoring historic sites worldwide. 

When collaborating with architects, designers and homeowners, Diane exercises her formal education and years of experience to translate visions to modern designs that set the mood of a space and evoke feeling. 

“The attention to detail and customization I apply to each project allow me to achieve the highest quality and superior results,” she says. 

Most recently, Diane accepted an invitation to participate in the Smithsonian’s Building Arts & Traditional Architecture Initiative, which raises awareness surrounding the value of craftspeople in cultural preservation and continuation. Diane’s work, along with other traditional building artisans from around the nation, will be housed online and in the museum’s archive.