Serving the country as an army medic for over a decade equipped Dr. Michael Ferguson with the experienced-backed know-how and tenacity to earn both his DDS and MD. Now partner and surgeon at Oral Surgery Services, Dr. Ferguson strives every day to embody the empathy and generosity his mother and grandfather instilled in him.

 “It’s phenomenal to create relationships and trust with patients who may have come in with preexisting anxieties,” he says.

Over the years Dr. Ferguson has been involved in countless volunteer and fundraising efforts. Nowadays, Dr. Ferguson chooses to personally connect with members of the community through “Smiles for Soldiers,” a campaign in which he donates his services to local veterans in need of oral care. 

Clothing by Rubensteins: Munro sport coat, Brax pant, Eton dress shirt, and Magnanni sneakers.