His construction career spurred by a desire to meaningfully contribute to his hometown, Ryan Mayer founded Mayer Building Company in 2009 to do just that. A builder and general contractor, Ryan has completed commercial renovation projects for medical, educational, food service and business clients. French Truck Coffee, Loyola, and Alon Medical have improved multiple spaces with Mayer. 

“I deliver physical spaces for the clients’ stories to be told, for the business to thrive, and create positive outgrowth effects on New Orleans,” he says. Ryan’s efforts to enhance the city don’t cease at construction. He is a graduate of NORLI and a supporter of the class of 2023, a persistent supporter of local schools, an involved parent, a member of Hermes and a student at Blue Easel Club. 

Clothing by Rubensteins: Johnnie-O shirt, Peter Millar quilter vest, Magnanni loafer, and Brax pant.