When patients visit Oak Family Dental, they become part of the Patterson dental family. The roots of the Oak Family Dental tree were planted over 40 years ago in Metairie. The practice has since matured into a strong and vibrant dental center that is now spreading its branches to begin serving the Northshore in 2023. 

Dr. Troy Patterson, Sr., founded Oak Family Dental in 1980, and his children, Dr. Margaret “Garet” Patterson and Dr. Troy Patterson, Jr., have contributed to the growth and success of the practice today. The team believes in a collaborative approach to treatment planning, allowing patients multiple perspectives before pursuing the best option suited for their individual needs.

Oak Family Dental offers nearly every available dental treatment in-office, including dental implants, dentures with implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, IV sedation, and preventative treatments. Insurance is accepted and an in-office discount plan is available to cover all routine dental care and offer discounts on in-office procedures.

“Our favorite thing about New Orleans is the sense of community and the importance of family—we have taken that sense of community and family and have incorporated it into how we practice,” says Dr. Margaret Patterson. 

oakfamilydental.com  //  504-834-6410  //  1001 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie

985-727-2300  //  2 St Ann Dr Ste 5, Mandeville