DS Family Medicine
Pictured: Dr. Spencer Pinion, MD; Dr. Devan Szczepanski, MD; Beth McLain, FNP-C

Drs. Devan Szczepanski and Spencer Pinion believe there is a picture of health and well-being within everyone. As board certified physicians and leaders of Covington’s DS Family Medical Group, their mission is to create a unified model of primary care that is foundational to the betterment of healthcare in America for generations to come.

“No two patients are alike,” says Dr. Szczepanski. “My approach to quality patient care happens methodically, creatively, and with the powers of invention and innovation.”

At DS Family Medicine, traditional medical services include convenient in-house ultrasounds and lab-work that provide real-time comprehensive diagnostic care. With certifications in both Nutritional and Genetic medicine, doctors complement their work-ups with the DS Therapeutics division of the practice, offering a dynamic and reformative approach to medicine. Treatments are personalized, based in part on each patient’s DNA structure. Nutrigenic options are customized, and elective in-house brain and gut-mapping technology provide unparalleled insight into the patient’s mind-gut-body health and function. 

Dr. Spencer Pinion comes to Covington with nine years of experience with Cleveland Clinic, specializing in family and internal medicine. Recently, DS Family Medical Group also welcomed Nurse Practitioner Beth McLain, who brings five years of experience in women’s wellness to the practice.

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