Brain Parlor Neurofeedback Spa
Pictured: Sarah Probst, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor & Founder of Pneuma Counseling and Brain Parlor™

One of the first of its kind in the United States, Brain Parlor is a med-spa dedicated to alleviating suffering in society through neurofeedback therapy. Brain Parlor is located within Pneuma Counseling, a holistic brain health practice founded by Mandeville-native Sarah Probst, LPC-S. Pneuma offers an array of brain-smart mental health services, including EMDR, Lifespan Integration, neurofeedback, and other trauma-informed approaches to care. The practice is sought out for its state-of-the-art approaches that powerfully alleviate mental health suffering.

“It is incredible that in two or three months, we continuously witness amazing transformations with neurofeedback,” says Sarah. “I think it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to alleviate suffering in many of the people we treat.”

Sarah founded Brain Parlor in an effort to normalize brain health and provide a medication-free, talk-free, taboo-free option specifically to people who experience depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and/or focus issues. Her journey to opening Pneuma and Brain Parlor began during an internship on human trafficking aftercare in Cambodia during graduate school.

“That experience began my quest to find the world’s most innovative approaches to trauma therapy,” she says. “I discovered that there are amazing modalities that radically and powerfully improve people’s lives.”

Sarah and her team have found that while they create a complete and holistic treatment plan for each client, some find tremendous relief through neurofeedback alone. Pneuma and its Brain Parlor Spa offer a full brain makeover without medication, and while the time frame depends on multiple factors, Sarah finds that most people experience significant relief in a couple months.

“Our job is to work with God’s design of the brain and innovative scientific discoveries to bring brains to health and alleviate suffering,” says Sarah. “I am amazed every day at our clients’ incredible courage and resilience to walk into our offices and do this for themselves.”

“We are seeing a tremendous amount of people searching for relief from anxiety, depression and sleep disorders without the use of pharmaceutical medication. That is what is so wonderful about incorporating Neurofeedback into your lifestyle. No side effects, and no meds!” says Sarah.

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