The Historic New Orleans Collection’s 2023 New Orleans Antiques Forum isn’t until August, but tickets are limited so you’ll want to get this on your calendar and grab your tickets as soon as registration opens on June 5. (Members can register early on May 30.) The event, “Music to My Eyes: Material Culture of Southern Sound” is Aug. 3-6. 

More from the forum’s organizers:

“Even before turntables and radios were commonplace, much of people’s musical lives happened at home. From parlor music to player pianos, that bygone era will come to life at the Antiques Forum. From our earliest instruments through mid-twentieth-century recording devices, music has been essential in southern homes, churches, and communities. The forum will explore the material culture of parlor entertainment, First Nations social dances and storytelling, musical furniture, early country and western costumes, nineteenth-century opera in the French Quarter, and much more.”

The forum is being held primarily in the Boyd Cruise Room at the Williams Research Center, 410 Chartres St. in the French Quarter and attendees can get discounted rooms at the Hotel Monteleone for reservations made before July 1. Two antique store excursions are included in forum registration, as well as other activities. For additional details, including registration prices, forum schedule and more, visit