I've been loving this warm weather in New Orleans recently. While I miss wearing my favorite coats that I used to wear at this time in the Midwest, I love New Orleans' mild temperatures in October and November for one reason in particular: running.

While I often go for runs and I've run two half-marathons in my life, I don't really call myself a runner. I don't care about PRs and I'm not interested in training for a full marathon, but I like that running is an easy way to stay in shape and burn calories. All you need is a pair of running shoes and you're set.

Forcing myself to run in New Orleans can be tough sometimes since this town is so focused on eating and drinking, but the beautiful fall weather is often too nice to ignore. I don't like running here when it's super humid, but running in the fall is lovely.

New Orleans is also a fun place for running because it's so flat and there are lots of scenic options. There are lots of beautiful outdoor spaces that are great for running in New Orleans, but here are three of my favorite spots:


Lakeshore Drive

I think the lakefront is one of the most underrated things about New Orleans. I have read and heard that the area was a bigger deal when Pontchartrain Beach was around, so I wish I could have been here when that was in business. Now, however, the lakefront is a fun place for a run or a picnic. I love running along Lakeshore Drive, especially the part that goes by UNO.


Wisner Trail Along Bayou St. John

One of my favorite places for a run is the Wisner Trail along Bayou St. John. It's a paved path that is great for both runners and cyclists. You can park your car along the bayou and either go back and forth along the trail, or add Paris Avenue to make a loop.


St. Charles Avenue

The last time I ran along the St. Charles Avenue streetcar tracks was when I went on a tour with New Orleans Jogging Tours for New Orleans Magazine in February, so I don’t go on this route very often. However, it’s clearly a local favorite because I see people running along the streetcar tracks every time I’m on St. Charles Avenue. It's also fun to look at all the mansions that line the street.


See you out there!