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3 Ways to Perfect the Work Short

Pumpkin latte and light sweater season may be approaching for the rest of the country, but in New Orleans it’s going to feel like summer for another two months. Thus, it’s a challenging time of year to figure out what to wear to work. Hearts yearn for the sleek pantsuits and sweater vests beckoning from magazine covers, but our brains know better. So, how can you bridge this fashion gap between fantasy and reality? It’s simple. And at the risk of receiving the stink eye from both of my grandmothers, I’m going to propose a solution – work shorts! Yes, wearing shorts to work is totally acceptable. That’s right, it’s 2022 and if it’s still sweltering outside, gosh darn it, our clothing should reflect that. Now, no one is suggesting we throw social decorum or generational respect out of the window. Obviously, if you are a trial attorney or meeting a client in a formal setting, shorts are ill advised. But for the average office day, shorts are sometimes just what the doctor ordered. The main caveat with ‘work shorts’ is that there are rules in place. But, if you keep to these three simple points, you will look fabulous and most importantly work appropriate through October. 

  1. Shorts must not exceed 4 inches above the knee. 

No one needs to see your entire leg. The goal is to stay cool, but keep it modest.  

  1. Fabrics must be substantial (full coverage). 

No clingy or thin fabrics. Silks and viscose are out unless they have a serious lining.  

  1. Shorts must be part of a complete outfit. 

If it looks like an outfit, it is an outfit! Julia at So SuSu recommends a matching short and top set so it feels cohesive; more like a jumpsuit. And if you can’t do that, she says, look for a silky button-down blouse like this one or this crisp cotton shirt by Kule. Then pull it all together with some layered necklaces. 

3 Ways to Perfect the Work Short

L to R:

Alicia Shorts, Angelique

Winslow Top, So SuSu

Louisiana Wild Necklace, Mimosa Handcrafted

Marleigh Shorts, Ulla Johnson

Alexis Shorts, Moda Operandi 

3 Ways to Perfect the Work Short

L to R: 

Maria Top, Saks Fifth Avenue

Pink Woven Waistcoat, Moda Operandi

Coin Necklace, Armoire

Pleated Shorts, So SuSu

Daisy Studs, Hola Guava 

3 Ways to Perfect the Work Short


Delta Dangle Earrings, Mignon Faget

Cropped Blouse, The Frankie Shop

Headband, The Headband Store

Pistachio Shorts, Wildflower

Peacock Shorts, Saks Fifth Avenue

Marleigh Shorts, Ulla Johnson 

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