4 Halloween Costumes From Fall Wardrobe Finds

In most cities you don’t need a costume for anything other than Halloween. But this is New Orleans, and we require a baseline of three to four a year to cultivate any kind of social life. As thrilling as the costume hunt is during our younger years, it can become a chore to outfit both ourselves and the kids! To boot, the costume choices we were up for 10 years ago, or had the energy to source, no longer seem appropriate or flattering. So, what’s a modern mother/wife/friend to do? Perhaps, the solution lies in what modern women do best – multitasking! Can we merge our regular fall shopping with costume hunting, killing two birds with one stone? Yes! This concept seems both financially practical and convenient. Why not buy a Mardi gras ball gown that also loosely works as a Cruella Deville costume? Or splurge on an oversized hoop earring for everyday wear, but one that also channels a young Cher? 

Hats off to that one friend who seems to have it all together during Halloween, always nailing the coordinated family costumes and spooky (but of course chic) tableaux of skeletons on her front lawn. For the rest of us who are content simply donning a witch’s hat and sprinkling a few dusty faux spiders around the house, here are a handful of ideas that will only require a trip to your favorite boutique or a walk through your own closet.  

Maria Von Trapp 

If you already have a billowy blouse, wear that with a simple apron over it. Borrow a guitar from a friend or you can even rent one! You can also shop these pieces that you will easily wear again!

4 Halloween Costumes From Fall Wardrobe Finds

Guitar, Uptown Music Exchange

Rosary, Vanessa Mooney

Dress, Joseph

Hat, Pied Nu 

Lace Up Sandals, Saks Fifth Avenue

*Hair: DIY short hair tutorial – tuck in as tightly as possible for shorter look 

70’s Cher 

If you already have black hair, this is a cinch! Simply part your hair in the middle and brush on some purple eye shadow. Cher always had on a long necklace and/or flamboyant hat which you most likely already have! If not, here are several other places to get the look! 

4 Halloween Costumes From Fall Wardrobe Finds


Eye Gloss, Vibrant Market

Neutral Ground Hoop, Mignon Faget

Bell Bottoms, Joseph

Leather Sandals, Joseph

Starry Night Necklace, Mignon Faget

Bodysuit, Saks Fifth Avenue 

Diana Ross 

This one you may need to shop for! But really anything silver and sparkly that you purchase now will last you through New Year’s Eve! 

4 Halloween Costumes From Fall Wardrobe Finds


Earrings, Azby’s

Paco Rabanne Dress, Century Girl

Crystal Belt, Saks Fifth Avenue

Silver Heel, Azby’s 

Hair: DIY bob hairstyle tutorial 

Carrie Bradshaw 

If you have a friend with tween girls, chances are he/she has a tutu that you can squeeze on over some stockings. If not, Miss Claudia’s on Magazine has a ton! You most likely have a white or pink ribbon at home already but if not, Betty Hunley or Lionheart Prints have beautiful options that you will undoubtedly use again for gift wrapping! 

4 Halloween Costumes From Fall Wardrobe Finds


Pink Top, Jean Therapy

Heatless Curler, Saks Fifth Avenue 

Tutu, Miss Claudias

Ribbed Body Suit, Macy’s

Pump, Angelique

BONUS: To take your look to the next level, book a spray tan, faux lashes, application and/or blow out in advance.  

Upcoming Shopping Events: 

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10/21, 10/22 and 10/24: Dress Event at Ballin’s on Dante Street 

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