Tom Benson has said that the Hornets should have a name that reflects local color. Here's my suggestion of the one name that does that but also connects with the franchise's and the city's past.
1. We are a town that buzzes. New Orleans is such a lively city there always is a buzz as in “things are buzzing.” The name suggests the city's vivaciousness.
2. Buzz, as in the sound that winged insects make, also links to the name Hornets. The one negative to changing the team name is that it muddles the franchise's 24-year history tracing back to Charlotte. But there were players back then, such as the early fan favorite Muggsy Bogues, who at 5-foot-3 was the shortest player in the NBA, just as in the Chris Paul era and beyond there are players who are part of the story. For the sake of statistics and history, it is good to keep a connection with the past.
3. By using that name, we can still have Hugo and the Honey Bees, plus the arena can still be called “The Hive.” Those names are part of our history, too.
4. Buzz also links to the city's NBA history. Long before there were the Hornets, there were the New Orleans Jazz. I am still bitter that Salt Lake City chose to keep that name, in the most unlikely city in America to be called “Jazz.” Nevertheless, Buzz has four letters, as does Jazz, and ends with the double Z. No other name does so much by connecting the two franchises that have been part of the city's NBA history yet still resonating the pulse of the city,
 We can hear it now: “Who dat raising all that buzz?!”

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