This month we’re pleased to introduce Beauty columnist, Cat Wall Aschaffenburg. Cat is a seasoned makeup veteran with over a decade of experience and a painter’s eye for color and detail. She has worked in film, television and print and has painted the faces of many A-listers such as Oprah, Brian Williams, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Jodi Foster and Harrison Ford.

Summer requires its own special beauty tips. After all, it’s in summer that skin becomes a greasy pool and hair dries up to a crisp. Have no fear; to keep you
looking chic, here are my five favorite beauty tips for the hot season.

1. Be gentle with summer skin. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, your skin is sensitive due to sun exposure. The fact is your tan is actually a defense mechanism; it’s the skin creating a protective “shield.” Harmful sunrays deplete the skin, so skip those aggressive products. A trick to soothe sunburned skin is to mix a pint of milk, cold water and ice cubes. Soak a washcloth and apply it to your face for five minutes.

2. One of the best things you can do to protect your skin is buy sun block and wear it!  Earthsaver’s self-named sun line has a SPF of 30 and is oil and chemical free. Apply after you’ve cleansed so it’s in immediate contact with the skin. Wait a moment and apply your regular moisturizer. I love Murad’s Firming Bronzer SPF 15 – all the protection plus a bronzer for a sexy glow and you can find it locally at Belladonna. Hair, too, is susceptible to the sun; it fades and gets dry. Frédéric Fekkai makes a soothing sun protectant spray for the hair that will help battle those concerns and is available locally at Bamboo Apothecary.

3. Water is a vital source of energy, so drink it! The standard recommendation is 8 glasses a day but in the heat of summer we perspire, so it doesn’t hurt to drink a little more. Low fluid levels can make you feel tired; with one glass of water you’ll feel more energized. Water flushes toxins and is a natural moisturizer from within. Try giving plain water a boost with lemon and cucumber slices. Seriously, water intake is the secret to beautiful skin!

4. Summer is the right time for ice cream and eye cream. Even with sunglasses, you still squint in bright sunlight; those little furrows can lead to fine lines. The skin around your eyes is especially delicate, by using an eye cream you can aid in the prevention of future lines and diminish existing ones. Natura Bisse Diamond Bio-Lift Eye Contour Cream is an exquisite formula that firms, hydrates and lifts all while delivering a dose of essential energy and you can find it at Bamboo Apothecary. Dab it lightly under your eyes and smooth out toward the sides of your face. If you like eye gels, you can’t beat Naturopathica’s Coneflower eye recovery gel; it cools, refines and zaps that puffiness we all hate and is available at Earthsavers.

5. Treat your skin to a mask once a week during the summer. It’s cooling, soothing and gives your skin a pick-me-up. A gentle clay mask like Kiehl’s Rare-Earth Facial Cleansing Masque is great for oily skin and is available at Earthsavers. The Rejuvenating Moor Mask, available at Belladonna, is a good choice for tender, sensitive and dry skin.

Go ahead and take advantage of the summer – swim and enjoy all New Orleans has to offer –but take care of your skin!

5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets5 Summer Beauty Secrets