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After supporting the launch of 52 businesses over the course of one year (Yes, that’s one new business every week!), Colin Grussing and Jason Seidman have a wealth of knowledge about startups. Outgoing and personable, Grussing and Seidman recognize the importance of working hard, making connections and helping others succeed. The 52 Businesses team also has a flair for fun – just check out their successful line of shark suits.

The Beginnings
After starting a couple of his own businesses, Grussing had many people reach out to him for advice. He enjoyed teaching what he had learned, and he thought about ways to help startups get off the ground quickly. When Seidman got involved they hit upon the idea of helping launch a new business every week, and 52 Businesses was born.

As Louisiana natives, Seidman and Grussing didn’t have to think twice about starting 52 Businesses in New Orleans, a city they love. They strive to bring as many resources as possible to New Orleans’ thriving entrepreneurial community. Furthermore, Seidman and Grussing are very education-focused and strive to spread information to a broader audience through their blog and other social media.

Launching a new business every week requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. First, Seidman and Grussing had to choose which businesses to help, focusing on the most impactful organizations. Furthermore, coordinating lunches and cocktail hours to get partnerships going, managing social media accounts and sticking to the week long schedule took a lot of dedication. However, they managed to get the moving parts of launching a new business done every week.

Seidman says that he enjoyed watching the businesses continue to grow after working with them. “The people behind those businesses are incredible entrepreneurs, and growing relationships with all of them has been incredible.”

Both Grussing and Seidman agree that they have created a great network by partnering with so many businesses. In fact, they consider this network a sort of extended family.

Recently, 52 Businesses joined forces with a number of their “family” members to create fun shark suits. The suits have become wildly popular, and they hope to have version 2.0 available soon. Be on the lookout for land sharks, New Orleans!

For more information on 52 Businesses visit 52Businesses.com or email info@52Businesses.com



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