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6 Fabulous Couple’s Shower Themes

Everyone knows parties and celebrations are sprinkled all throughout the months leading up to the wedding day. Engagement parties, bachelor and bachelorette festivities, rehearsal dinners and the bridal shower all make the list. Gaining popularity in the wedding celebration arena is the couple’s shower. Couple’s showers are a way to include everyone into the mix. Whether you’re stocking the bar or having a “honey-do” themed party, everyone’s invited and having fun celebrating the happy couple. 

Because its popularity has grown primarily over the past decade, it is not always clear how to insert a couple’s shower into the party lineup. A bridal party or family of the couple can either use the joint shower as an engagement party replacement or just as an added bonus. Under certain circumstances, a couple’s shower can replace a typical bridal shower, but it is not a common occurrence. The theme, presents and all around nature of a couple’s shower has a different feel and vibe than any other party during a wedding. The theme of the shower can be simple like a wine and cheese night or a fun crawfish boil. Below you’ll find some of our favorite couple’s shower themes. 


Honey-Do: One of the most popular themes for a couple’s shower. Honey-do is the “list” of common chores around the house, yard, and so forth. Gifts 6 Fabulous Couple’s Shower Themesusually consist of home improvement items, tool belts and other typical “DIY” items. 

Stock the Bar: One of the more favorite themes, this one involves guests bringing bar items, glasses and mixers, wine and other alcohol to “stock” the couples new bar after they are married. 

Tailgate / BBQ: This one is great for football season. It’s a theme without exactly being a theme. Turn the game on, have some stadium food and let guests bring BBQ and football related items for the couple. Have their new house be the spot for game-day festivities. 

Date Night: Focused more on the party than the presents, this theme is great for sentimental reasons. Each guest or couple brings a small item and a suggestion for a date night that the couple can use after their wedding. 

6 Fabulous Couple’s Shower ThemesAround the Clock: Typically for a smaller party, this is centered on the different times of the day. Everyone invited gets a time on the clock – i.e. midnight, 1 p.m., 7 p.m. The gift that you bring is related to the time of day you receive from the host. If you are a guest and you pick 8 a.m. then your gift could be, for example, a waffle maker for breakfast. 

Travel: The travel themed shower can revolve around the couple’s chosen honeymoon spot. The theme includes decorations and items involving the location and the gifts include items to use on the honeymoon (think bathing suits and gloves) or a way to contribute to exciting activities the couple can participate in while on their honeymoon. 


To make it easier on guests attending multiple parties, have the couple register at one place for the couple’s shower then at another for the typical bridal shower gifts. This will eliminate duplicate gifts and allow for a plethora of items to help the couple start their married life together. 




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