Dylan Tête is founder and executive director of Bastion Community of Resilience. The former war veteran created the planned community specifically to help other veterans of recent wars deal with the challenges of returning to civilian life. Tête thought that he would return home from war and open a bar, just as many of his fellow warriors considered doing. Upon returning home, however, he realized that many combat veterans had unique special needs, ranging from total care to the need for a supportive living environment. In response to this pressing issue, Tête created Bastion Community of Resilience. From the outset, Tête understood that community and emotional support were critical factors for successful reintegration into society. Currently, seventy-three residents live on his 5.5 acres in Gentilly that includes a Wellness Center and has a common area where residents can gather for support. For additional information or to make a donation, visit joinbastion.org.



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