I thought to replay my interview of 2008 with Pearl Jefferson, a server at the “Old Coffee Pot” restaurant on St. Peter Street in the French Quarter. Pearl was also known for her world famous bread pudding. No, I am not has replaying her interview because she has passed, no Pearl is very much alive and well, but the “Old Coffee Pot” has gone out of business. The reason the “Old Coffee Pot” thrived was because of people like Pearl and that wonderful lady with a voice that filled the courtyard when she sang "Happy Birthday" to an unsuspecting customer. The restaurant closed it’s doors in part because of TV Chef, Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay was asked to give the restaurant a new look, so he painted the place white and painted over the wonderful mural in the courtyard. I fail to see the value in change for change sake. I fail to see why people who do not understand New Orleans or New Orleanians are in many cases given carte blanche to change what makes us unique. Thanks to the many people like Pearl our culture and our authentic city is alive and well. Listen as Pearl talks about her early years in Mississippi and why New Orleans is such a special place.