NEW ORLEANS – Announced earlier this month, Nola Family Magazine is offering parents an opportunity to add a little something to birthday celebrations during COVID-19. It can be devastating for a child, who may not understand what’s going on, to not be able to celebrate their birthday. But the Nola Family Magazine birthday parade seems like an adorable option for parents.

“It’s no fun, and we know how disappointing it can be — it’s simply not fair that they can’t celebrate as they’d really like to,” said the magazine in an email press release. “Our goal is to bring a smile, celebrate them, and bring us all together (not physically!)!”

Naturally, they ask that you give them a few days notice and bear with the fact that this is a grassroots celebration. But the parade will pass one time in front of the house with each car – or “float” – stopping, dancing and greeting the birthday kid.

Click here for more information, to request a parade or to become a parade volunteer.