A Classic Combination: Invitations in light colors and gold

Rich pearlized ivory stock accented with gold foil press, on pocket-style invitation with die-cut enclosures, Exquisite Events, eeinvites.com.

Heavyweight paper, printed with cathedral design and gold ink on blush, with metallic gold shimmer envelope, Two Sprouts, twosprouts.com.

Heavyweight white cotton stock with letterpress printed in dark green ink, accented with banana leaf liner and pale pink envelope, Scriptura, scriptura.com.

Engraved in sungold and graphite inks, this invitation features an embossed beaded border on a heavyweight ecru stock. The suite is brought together with a gold foil-dotted liner, Gem Printing, gemprinting.com.



This article originally published in the Summer 2019 issue of New Orleans Bride
Categories: Let Them Eat Cake