Of all the months of the year, August has the worst reputation. Other months are beastly hot, crazy humid, and even provide the settings for hurricanes.

But August is the month that catches most of the grief for our discomfort and complaining. And that is all the more reason to encourage us to keep it simple. Too darn hot for complications.

Lucky for you, the nice people in the air-conditioning at Boulevard American Bistro on Veterans Boulevard in Metairie have kept their wits about them and created a refreshing and simple-to-make martini. This cool concoction soothes the throat all the way down.


Cucumber Basil Martini

2 oz. St. Roch Vodka
0.75 oz. Thatcher’s Cucumber Liquor
0.05 oz. simple syrup
0.5 fresh lime squeezed
2 torn basil leaves

Combine all ingredients except the basil. Depending on your preference, the drink is either shaken with the slightest touch of ice, or stirred in a very cold bar glass, then poured into a chilled coupe. James Bond is envious. Add basil for garnish.

As created at Boulevard American Bistro, 4241 Veterans Boulevard, Metairie, 889-2301, BoulevardBistro.com.