A Different TakeThrough our almost five years of “Let Them Eat Cake” we’ve highlighted the Pantone Color of the Year each year when it is announced. Pantone is the authority on all things color and an influence in the fashion, interior design and wedding world when it comes to trends, color combinations and pairings.

Recently, however, we came across Behr Paint Company’s take on the emerging color of the year thanks to Martha Stewart’s devoted following. The lifestyle brand wrote that the company announced its own color of the year for 2020 and, naturally, we were intrigued – and looking for a bit of color news as Pantone has not yet released its pick for the year 2020.

The theme and details put into a wedding are not unlike the care and details that goes into a person’s home. The same colors evoke the same response whether it’s laid out across bridesmaid’s dresses or the drapery in your living room.

Behr Paint Company picked what it calls “Back To Nature,” the light, airy shade of green you’d find in succulents or a meadow. According to Behr’s explanation, when choosing a color, they wanted to look at what people were craving – a well-balanced life. There is none more serene or calming than “Back To Nature” and, as Behr Vice President of Color and Creative Services Erika Woelfel explains, “this particular green … it signifies a feeling of awakening, it represents our desire for peace and tranquility in our home. That soothing serenity.”

And just like the want and desire for calm and peace in our home, the feeling equally translates to a wedding day. Lucky for a couple planning their wedding, adding this hue into the wedding is as easy as deciding to hold an outdoor ceremony or wedding. In addition, the color matches both with darker hues like navy and charcoal and lighter colors like cream or camel, helping to match the season or the couple’s preferred palette.