Women of Fashion President Christie Mintz, Men of Fashion President R. K. Hoddinott and chairs Teresa Guzzetta and Jacquee Carvin

Mike Winters, Jean Rice, Kenneth Pickering and Martha Conover

Hall of Fame honorees Mike Sport and Sheila Davlin with Mimi Bowen (owner of Mimi’s) and Jeff Chouest (owner of Jeff’s Haberdasher) who sponsored the attire for the fashion show

Honorees Arthur Sterbcow and Gail Barnes-McConduit with Leif Pedersen

Toni Bachmann with honorees Eugene Priestly and Margo DuBos

Pam Lupin, Sharron and honoree George H. Massey Jr. and Phyllis Taylor

Jo Hoddinott, Scott Boswell, Sandra Chaisson and Ralph Lupin

Chosen for their unique personal styles, as well as excellence through business, civic and charitable endeavors, 22 honorees were presented with the Prix d’Elegance at a luncheon and fashion show that took place at the Hilton Riverside Hotel. The organization that runs the event, Men and Women of Fashion, is a philanthropic organization that recognizes members of the community who do outstanding work – while looking good in the process.

Chaired by Teresa Guzzetta and Jacquee Carvin, the luncheon and fashion show raised funds for the New Orleans Ballet Association and BRAVO (Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization). Models were dressed in attire from Mimi’s and Jeff’s Haberdashery. Sheila Davlin and Mike Sport were honored in the “Hall of Fame” at the event, while honorees included: Scott Sewell, Denise Thornton, Rita Benson LeBlanc, Arthur Sterbcow, Sandra Chaisson, Vincent Palumbo, Rickie Nutik, Alexandra Stafford, Gail Barnes-McConduit, Richard Bachmann, Eugene Priestley, Sandy Rosenthal, Sonda Nagy, Douglas Brent Wood, Margo DuBos, Shaney Halter Cefalu, George H. Massey Jr., Philip “Scott” Boswell, Leon Louis Giorgio Jr. and Siddharth K. Bhansali M.D.