From Brazil to Italy, Mardi Gras is not just a New Orleans tradition. Other countries have taken on the inspiration of Carnival and turned it into their own creation.

This January, as the Carnival season began to gear up, Adriana Williams took that inspiration and turned it into the theme for her first fashion show as a producer. The series was labeled Fashion Tales. Many were there to see the story unfold at Republic NOLA on S. Peter Street. Malika Ubaka, from “Making the Band Three” with P. Diddy, acted as the host and DJ Kelly Green spun some tunes.

The night was full of laughter and surprises as the show consisted of four scenes, each with their own story and theme.

A Fashionable History of Mardi Gras A Fashionable History of Mardi Gras

Scene One: Medieval Merriment
(Before the fall of the Roman Empire)

Before the fall of the Roman Empire, Romans would celebrate carnival. Carnival eventually became known as a Pagan holiday, due to the lively festivities that preceded Lent.

Instead of showing the traditional fashion of that era, Williams flipped the fashion script and translated it to our modern day times.


Goddamer Gang, a local designer, provided the clothes for this scene.


Scene Two: Masked Balls.

This scene focused on about the mid-18th century when French and French Canadians settled in New Orleans. Their introduction to the city brought with them the regal masked balls they so commonly practiced.


Highlighted in this scene was local designer Keno Kouture.

A Fashionable History of Mardi Gras A Fashionable History of Mardi Gras

Scene Three: Elaborate and Ornate.

The Carnival festivities were getting out of hand until the Krewe of Comus created organized revelry with the parades and parties we know today.

Williams modernized the era by showing avant-garde, Alexander McQueen-esque designs all handmade by local designer Amanda DeLeon.


The Final Scene: Mardi Gras Mambo

Following the Mardi Gras tradition we currently celebrate, this scene saw more modern designs and captivated the fashion of today.



The next Fashion Tales event will be sometime in the late summer. Contact Adrianna Williams for more information.