A Few Tips on Updating Home Energy Conservation

Summer savings and freebies from Entergy

When the summer heat starts to peak, I start bracing myself for high electric bills. Even with even billing, we see an increase. Recently, I responded to an email from Entergy’s Energy Smart program for a Google Nest thermostat for $1. The deal ended on July 6, but at $29.99 the new offer is still much better than the full $129.99 price tag. (There is also a deal on an Emerson brand smart thermostat.) Typically, we keep the thermostat at 76 to 79 when we are home during the day and around 70 at night. When we go out we set it to 80, but admittedly we sometimes forget. Having it set on a timer, plus being able to change it remotely will likely save us a few pennies.

Meanwhile, while I was bouncing around on the website to see if there were any other deals, I spied the free Energy Efficiency Kit. The kit includes three 9-watt LED light bulbs, one 15-watt LED light bulb, one energy efficient showerhead, one kitchen and one bathroom aerator. There are still a few light bulbs we haven’t yet switched over the LED, so I’m excited to finally get that done. The aerators will help with our water conservation level up, which I wrote about last week.

I highly recommend spending a few minutes checking out the site, which also has good deals on power strips, handheld showerheads and other products that can help you up your conservation game. If you’d rather let the professionals figure out how and where you can conserve energy and water, plus save money, Entergy also offers whole house assessments.

Have you found great ways to save on water and energy or just want to chat about LED lightbulbs? Email melanie@myneworleans.com.

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