A Good Variety

Tired of the same old routine and having trouble staying motivated? Then maybe it’s time for a change. A change could be just what you need to remind you of all the reasons to work out. Here are a few tips on how to freshen up your exercise routine.

A Good Variety

1) If you’re not already, try taking a fitness class or using a personal trainer. A fitness class could prove to be fun and exciting and show you ways to exercise you never thought of. Certified instructors and trainers can create a custom program for you that is both fun and effective. Trainers are also good motivators and can help you find a different, and in most cases, a more effective, workout routine.

2) If you have become bored with your current workout, consider changing the exercises. New exercises can add new life to your workout. You may also find that your body responds better to the new exercises after having done the same routines for any extended period of time.

3) Try changing your focus and motivation. If you always go to the gym and do the same thing over and over, try joining a recreation team sport or sign up for a 5K race. You could also try making a bet with a friend to accomplish a fitness goal. Get competitive, this will provide you with a fresh perspective and new motivation.

4) Adding music to your workout is a sure way to get your heart pumping and keep you motivated.

5) You might also want to try tracking your progress. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing results. Write down your exercise and log your time and workout intensity after each workout. Following your results over time can prove to be rewarding as you see progress.  

6) If you always walk, run or bike in the same place every time, try changing it up by exercising in a new place. A change of scenery can also change your enthusiasm and make your workouts more fun and interesting.

7) Training alone can get boring, so try training with a partner. A partner can both motivate and provide you with encouragement. This can prove to be both inspirational and fun.

8) Try encouraging someone else. Supporting someone else is a great way to motivate yourself and remind you of all the reasons you started working out.
9) Add interval training to your workout if you already have a good base of fitness. It might be time to up the intensity of your workouts. Add a 20 minute interval training session to your program; one that includes 30 second bursts of sprint efforts followed by 60 seconds of recovery. This is sure to add change to your program and provide new motivation.

10) If you exercise religiously, try taking a rest. A short period of rest from your workout will not harm you and it might just do some good. If you are overtraining, stressed or not getting enough sleep, a week off may be what you need to recharge. So do not be afraid to rest.

11) Set realistic fitness goals. If your goals are unrealistic, they will also be unreachable and it will be easy to become discouraged. If your goals are realistic, you will see results. This will be rewarding and motivate you to continue on your road towards success.

A Good Variety

Billy Katz and Hudson Ellis are the co-owners of Simply Fit gyms, located throughout the New Orleans area. Please e-mail your health and fitness questions to health@saintcharlesavenue.com

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