Fall transition pieces that eschew predictable earth tones in favor of the deep, dark shade with a bit of an edge to it year round. The absence of color makes for high-contrast shapes cut with dazzling details. This balancing act pairs gorgeous little details with the perfect backdrop.


Well, hello, rockstar. One hundred percent kid leather, iridescent crystals and silver linings comprise these starry Kat Maconie booties from Shoe La La. The thick block heel is reminiscent of ‘70s icons — and provides stability for serious strutting. Heavy metal detailing, like the paneled silver outlines and zipper at the heel, draw the eye to the main attraction: the stars. Stellar cutouts at the sides give levity that’s perfect for transitioning into fall, and crystals glimmer with every step you take.

A la mode: Black Beauty


Aurora Borealis

Opals are October’s birthstone, and there is no opal like this Dianna Rae Original design. Haloed by 60 sparkling diamonds and set in 14-karat white gold, the 33.90-carat center opal is a natural Australian light stone inlaid into a Matrix opal, which is a type of boulder opal. Multiple circles have been cut out of the Matrix opal to reveal the vibrant light opal underneath. This unique technique creates a multi-color polka dot pattern, making this opal pendant an unforgettable piece. It hangs beautifully on a 14-karat white gold ball station chain. 

Dianna Rae Jewelry / 500 Settlers Trace Blvd. #1. Lafayette. Diannaraejewelry.com

Shoe La La / 1921 Kaliste Saloom Road #119. Lafayette. Facebook.com/shoelalalaff