A Month for Diverse Spirits

If there ever was a community where diversity works, it has to be New Orleans. There are so many divergent and different viewpoints here that it’s a wonder we can ever agree on anything. But we do (sometimes). And it works (often). At least it does for us (as best we can tell).

Where else to view the rising sun would you look towards the Westbank? Ever looked at your car’s compass as you are driving on Interstate 10 East? It will read “north” or “south” depending on which side of the city you are, south if you’re northwest and north if you’re northeast.

The mash-up of our many cultures functions well in music, architecture, history, festivals and cuisines. So why not have a can’t-possibly-be-good cocktail where made-right-here beer, spirits, fresh citrus and hot sauce come together in a refreshing and taste-awakening combination?

Besides, it’s October and the month finishes with our city’s second biggest masked party of the year: Halloween. Strange spirits certainly abound.

You can explain it all to your friends from other places with three words: It’s New Orleans. And it all makes perfect sense to us.

Bloody Brew
Created by Kim Jones, Brand Ambassador for Old New Orleans Rum for New Orleans Magazine

3    12-ounce bottles of chilled Abita Golden
4    cups chilled tomato juice
9    ounces chilled Old New Orleans Crystal Rum
1/2    ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
3/4    teaspoon celery salt
Crystal Hot Sauce

Combine Abita Golden, tomato juice and Old New Orleans Crystal rum in a pitcher. Add lemon juice, celery salt and Crystal Hot Sauce to taste. Pour into tall glass with ice and enjoy.

Serves 6

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