Who’s been busy beautifying New Orleans? Parkway Partners, of course! This nonprofit organization has planted more than 6,000 trees in the past four years, and partnered with such programs as ReLeaf New Orleans, Schoolyard Gardens and community gardens. The October 11 fundraiser, Feast with the Stars, is the group’s big moneymaker for the year – money doesn’t grow on trees, after all! Board members Kathy Laborde, Beverly Katz, Michael Cohn, Rutter Griffin and founder Flo Schornstein organized the stellar brunch at Gallier Hall, where 300 guests danced to the beat of the New Orleans City Band. The day’s specialty cocktail was the popular Appletini, thanks to 360 Vodka. Guests such as Tom Fitzmorris, Peggy Scott Laborde, Jackie Clarkson and City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways Director Ann E. Macdonald scoped out the culinary offerings of Lil’ Dizzy’s Café, Eleven 79, K-Paul’s and 5 Fifty 5 among many others. There were 89 auction items up for grabs, including donations from Southwest Airlines, Mignon Faget, WaterColor Inns and Sara Duncan of Shadyside Pottery. In total, the evening raised $40,000 for Parkway Partners, the group that’s committed to re-greening our city since Hurricane Katrina, when 70 percent of our urban canopy was lost.