It was a smooth and peaceful transition. Unexpected, to be sure. Sudden and jarring. But the Dear Leader bowed out gracefully. Wounded in body and spirit, he withdrew with dignity nevertheless.

The newly anointed leader stepped in and acquitted himself with honor. Maybe a little boring – no flash and crash – but he got the job done – quietly, evenly, without drama or vengeance. He just kept a steady helm.

Mostly that’s because he was prepared. He was fortunate enough to have prior access to all the necessary documents, information and intel on enemies both real and perceived before called to duty.

The former leader paced the sidelines, restless and wanting, but the cards were laid out on the table and he knew he had to fold at last. The new guy thought: Finally.

And though the opponent claimed victory, a review of the contest confirmed the score: New Orleans Saints 27, San Francisco 49ers 13.

And yeah, I know I did this exact shtick last week about Tom Brady and comparisons to leaders who fall (to the Saints; and sinners?), but it’s impossible not to go down this rabbit hole.

The great sports writer Tom Boswell once wrote a book called “Life Imitates the World Series.” It was Oscar Wilde who coined the phrase “life imitates art.” Well it turns out that the “art” of football imitates life.

At least, our current life.

And then me, imitating myself with this post.

Did you follow all that? Smooth transitions and such. Paperwork. Daily briefings. Preparedness. A new day. A new boss.

Drew Brees is out for an indefinite period of time this season with a rib injury. The hit on him this past Sunday was laid out by 49ers defensive lineman Kentavius Street, which has got to be one of the coolest names in the NFL. (The sack was flagged as a penalty but a review of film shows that, like all big decisions made this year, it may have been of dubious claim.)

So quarterback-elect Jameis Winston is now the star of this impossible reality show of the Saints making another plausible and credible run for the Super Bowl. As for Drew, maybe he’ll launch a run for re-election in 2024? He’ll only be 45.

The heartbreak of it all unfolding before our eyes is mind-melting. But then, that’s why we watch. And wait. And hope.