I started this blog with the idea that I would address a few things about the Always Pan. I have not heard of the Always Pan, though I am informed that it is very popular on Instagram and among influencers.

As an influencer myself, I was shocked to hear it.

It appears to be a non-stick pan with a matte finish in muted pastel colors.

I am not always a fan of popular products, and particularly not a fan when the product doesn’t do anything that I can’t already do with things I already own. But the Instant Pot was a good buy, since at the time my pressure cooker had broken and I have been mistaken before.

So I read a review of the Always Pan at a website I like and I still have no idea whether this thing is any good or not.

If you are going to “review” a pan and you actually mean to review it, you should set some standards. First, tell me what criteria you are using to test the pan. Second, tell me how you are testing it. Third, give me some information about yourself so that I can determine whether I should pay attention to your review. At the very least tell me your heat source and how you actually cooked what you cooked to review the pan.

The review of the Always Pan I linked before told me that the author likes to use a nonstick pan to make eggs. And that the Always Pan is magic when it comes to eggs and also onions.

It’s “… big! Not in an intrusive way, just in a higher-capacity function than I expected—scale was a little hard to gauge before seeing it IRL.” Additionally, “The Always Pan comes with a wooden scraper/multi-tool, a metal steamer designed to fit snugly in the pan, and a scrubber for gentle cleaning, since that famous nonstick coating should be treated with care.”

All that for only $145.00!

But it’s the “Always” pan, which I gather means it will replace so many other pans and pots in your kitchen. There’s a steamer basket and you can also buy a steamer insert that resembles a bamboo steamer commonly used in Asia. That’s $20, at least when I checked.

From what I saw these pans looked pretty and from what I read they work as a non-stick pan should work. Why the hell you’d pay $145 for it is beyond me, but I have not done a great deal of research into it and I’m not planning on doing that in the future.

Why would I when I can pick up a good non-stick pan for $30 at Caire or another local retailer. I bought an Instant Pot because my stovetop pressure cooker broke when someone – and I’m not naming names but it was me – dropped it and the handle popped off. I’ve come to appreciate the ease of use of an electric pressure cooker and it was half the price of my old model.

I’m saying that I’m not immune to fear of the new, but that when called upon I can transcend that fear and embrace something new. I have no reason to consider embracing the Always Pan, at least at the price I’m seeing today.

This review appeared on a website called Vice, and I must tell you that I like that website for a number of reasons not the least of which are the recipes and other things about food they periodically publish.

In the near future I intend to share some links with you of websites where I regularly find excellent recipes and/or ideas that prompt me to create my own dishes. I mention this in the hope that you will also share your favorite websites in comments to that post or, of course, in comments to this post.

As you like.