A Scottish Play

Jordan Deis’ “Layover in Glasgow” is a riff on the “Paper Plane,” itself inspired by the “Last Word.” Jordan’ s version at the Hotel Fontenot’s lavishly decorated Peacock Room returns the drink to its Last Word origins, subbing the Paper Plane’s whiskey for gin, along with a variety of unusual modifiers. Scottish Botanist Gin’s closest airport is Glasgow, cementing the name. Jordan observes that his opulent work space is “a feast for the eyes.” He also enjoys the broad cross section of clientele that hotel bars draw noting “the beauty of the space attracts even more walks of life.” He admits he never quite knows what each evening holds in store. “One minute I’m making a 12-ingredient cocktail, the next a round of shots.” Jordan may not know what to expect, but we know the drinks will be delicious.

Layover in Glasgow

1/2 ounce Aperol

½ ounce Amaro Nonino

½ ounce Botanist Gin

½ ounce Bittermen’s Tepache

½ ounce Fresh grapefruit juice

½ ounce Clarified Earl Grey whey *

¼ ounce Lemon juice

¼ ounce 1:1 simple syrup

2 drops orange blossom water

5 drops 25% salt tincture*

Shake all ingredients well. Serve up in a coup glass. “Kilt Garnish” Plaid fabric clothes pin

Clarified Earl Grey Whey: 

1 liter whole milk

6 Earl Grey tea bags

4 ounces fresh lemon juice

Bring milk to scald, turn off heat, drop bags into milk, let sit until milk returns back to room temperature. Remove bags, add lemon juice to and stir to make sure everything is curdled. Pour through a filter to remove curds and retain a nice yellow Earl Grey whey.

Salt Tincture:

25 grams kosher salt

25 grams water

Mix until dissolved.