A Tamed Mane

John Jay expertly crafts a whole new look.

Balance is the key to great hair; overdone strands can look out of date and unmanageable tresses looks like a beauty afterthought. The goal should be to keep hair looking soft and natural, but tamed, with a well-defined shape.

before –
Marisa Morton, Management Associate for Southern Rep Theatre, visited John Jay with a slightly-below-the-shoulder length mane of waves that were “misbehaving.”  She wanted a new look that was a little more sophisticated, yet would allow her to wear her hair both in an “updo” or down and, importantly, she wanted to recognize herself in the mirror.

the makeover –
John Jay is a New Orleans icon. To his credit he’s also the owner of five salons and two beauty Academies. Jay is a product designer, gifted teacher, mentor and stylist extraordinaire. In short, Jay’s career has earned him recognition worldwide with a list of national and international awards and achievements. Though if you ask him about any awards, he’ll modestly divert from the subject by telling you that his mother always said, “If they have to decorate the plate, then the food isn’t going to taste good.” Jay may not be a professional chef in the kitchen, but the styles he creates are nonetheless a feast for the eyes.

Jay felt Morton’s hair was “too abundant” in volume, making her hair look and feel heavy. Combining skillful beveling with layering, he added more shape to her tresses by carefully trimming about 2 inches from the ends. To add depth, Jay decided to add a few soft highlights using golden hues almost of a “woodsy” nature to brighten the hair around her face.

Now that he had reduced the bulk and brought back her natural wave, Jay used only a diffuser when blow-drying, along with his fingers, to expertly give that sexy, slightly tousled style.

The end result? A flattering, sensual easy style of light layers that softened Marisa Morton’s face. John Jay artistically preserved her beautiful curly texture while adding sultry definition and movement. The style looks natural while emphasizing her beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin.
Fabulous, just fabulous!

If would love to experience your own personal transformation, call John Jay at 282-7234, for the 540 Robert E Lee Blvd. location, or any of the other John Jay Salons. Visit www.johnjaybeauty.com for a list of all locations. When you visit the salon, check out the non-sulfate products that John Jay himself designed and developed. My favorite is the “Magi Cure,” a hair and body conditioner with a perfect Ph balance that moisturizes and protects, great for suffers of dry skin.

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