A TikTok Wedding Hair Cut?

We chat up a New Orleans hairstylist for some real talk about the new trend

Much of our lives have been moved to technology and social media apps, especially following the lockdowns of the pandemic. What were we to do but watch other people, also locked down, make videos?

Within the past year or so, TikTok specifically has grown (expected to have 1.8 billion active users by the end of 2022) and has become everything from where some people get their news to entertainers using it to gain a following, or even just a place where your next door neighbor shares their opinions and becomes a voice for the everyday person.

Whether we like it or not, this is where many trends — including those related to weddings — gain a foothold.

Recently, we spotted a trend increasing in popularity on TikTok among brides: Dramatic hair chops between the ceremony and photos and the reception.

At first, we thought about the exciting and dramatic “big bang” it would make as the bride changes her outfit for a reception and also sports a new ‘do while her husband and guests are none the wiser. But, after the 10th video and getting settled into the idea, we couldn’t help but think this wasn’t exactly the best route or flashy moment a bride should opt for during her Big Day.

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We reached out to local hair stylist and makeup artist Kelly Snesrud, whose looks have graced the pages of many Renaissance Publishing publications, to get her take on the new trend and if it’s a viable decision for a bride to make.

When we first started our questions, Snesrud pointed out that she does think it’s an interesting idea and she has worked in different settings while cutting hair, but that there are many things that could go wrong during this process.

“Doing a haircut on the fly can always be tricky,” said Snesrud. “In the salon it’s always easier to do as all proper equipment is readily available.”

But, she continued, “almost every single bride I have ever worked with grows out their hair for their Big Day and then they make an appointment to do the big chop cut after their ceremony. So, it’s pretty cool that they’re ready for this fun change during the reception.”

As women who get our hair done regularly, one of our biggest questions was how long the process would take. On one hand, you wouldn’t want to take too much time “getting ready” while your now husband and guests are already in the reception and having fun, but you also don’t want to rush the person that is holding a pair of scissors to your hair.

“If the right equipment is on hand for the hairdresser, this can be done easily,” said Snesrud. “Now if the bride is wearing her hair down for the ceremony, it is a piece of cake taking 30-45 minutes. If the bride opts for an updo, I would not recommend this trend as hair would have to be blown out or straightened to make sure the cut is even, which would take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.”

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With you and your experience on your wedding day in mind, we wouldn’t recommend missing 60-90 minutes of your wedding, as by the time you’re done the excitement of the big reveal would have probably worn off and many people would be wondering what happened to you and where you’ve been during that time.

In addition to not necessarily being able to control the timeframe, Snesrud pointed out a few other things that could go wrong trying to make this statement during your reception.

“The bride could hate her hair cut and she’s mad the rest of her wedding,” said Snesrud. “Also, there could not be enough space in the reception location, or there are too many friends and family present giving their opinion and sways the bride into a style she doesn’t actually want when all is said and done.”

Though there are many factors that would go into this that a bride might not want to tackle during her wedding celebrations, it can be a really fun moment for photos and an additional surprise no one sees coming and has guests talking for years to come.

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“As long as it’s a trusted hairdresser and they’re educated and not afraid of the challenge, all is needed is an outlet, a chair and roughly 6 square feet of space,” added Snesrud. “Lots of in’s and out’s but to be real, I’ve done haircuts in weirder places than at a wedding.”

What do you think about this trend? Would you ever take the chance? Let us know and email kelly@myneworleans.com.

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