A Week in Music

The week before Thanksgiving was an excellent one for music in New Orleans.  The Foo Fighters announced a surprise show at the House of Blues to debut the New Orleans episode of their Sonic Highways series.  Later the same night, Simple Play brought Caribou and Jessy Lanza to One Eyed Jacks.  Both shows were sold out, packed to the gills, jubilant and loud (not to mention excellent).  Dave Grohl and his associates were in rare form.  They were clearly at ease with the small crowd of devoted fans.  For their part, the fans could not have been more excited.  For those folks lucky enough to get tickets in the 45 second window they were on sale, no distance was too great to travel.  The group next to us had flown in from Nashville that morning.  It is that dynamic when the audience and band are truly on the same page that make shows like this special. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave the Foo’s show early (well, after an hour and a half) in order to make it down the street in time for Caribou.  By the time we arrived it was impossible to get even remotely near the front.  Dan Snaith is perhaps not quite the veteran that Grohl is at this point, but the poise of his on stage presence is unmistakable.  Much like the Foo Fighters, Snaith’s fan hung on his every move as he wound his way through a combination of new tracks and old favorites. 

Finally this week, alt-J has announced a show at the Civic on Monday night.  On the off chance you can find a ticket to this show, take the opportunity to treat yourself.  alt-j is working to change the sonic scape of indie rock.  They have released two excellent records and their live shows are always engaging. 

I leave you with a new track from the Decembrists’ upcoming record. 

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