A Work of Art

After the months, maybe years, of planning for your wedding, making sure your photography and videography to capture all of your hard work is definitely important. But, local artists in the Greater New Orleans area give couples the opportunity to bring their wedding to life with a live painting of the wedding. This is not a new concept, but its popularity has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, making hiring an artist to paint your wedding almost as important as the photographer.

Because of this popularity, we decided to take a look at a few artists around New Orleans that are painting wedding perfection.


Alex Harvie. Harviepaintings.com

Harvie  brings artistic flair and fun to every event with his signature, paint-clad tuxedo. You’ll be able to spot hs unconventional oil paintings which feature the couple at the center.

A Work of Art


Denise Hopkins Fine Art. Denisehopkinsfineart.com

Hopkins, like Harvie, also specializes in oil paintings and puts a lot of pretty detail into the piece’s setting.

A Work of Art


Heirloom Live Event Paintings. heirloomlive.com 

Heirloom offers precision in their paintings. They also offer prints of the painting for other family members or the bridal party.

A Work of Art


Kelly Boyett Art. Kellyboyetteart.com

There is definite attention to detail in her work, but Boyett sets herself apart with her distinct style and vibe. Bold and energetic brushwork and color make the paintings leap off of the canvas.

A Work of Art


Nola Live Painting by Kristen. Nolalivepainting.com

Nola Live Paintings offer a marriage of elegant lines and brush strokes with the artist’s keen eye for a cohesive color palette. The location’s architectural details are also beautifully rendered and offer another concrete visual reminder of the moment. Kristen also offers her couples the option of ordering a painting from a photograph.

A Work of Art


Pappion Artistry. Papionartistry.com

Pappion has a very realistic tone to their paintings. Details in the couple’s faces and clothing, as well as the guests all take center stage.

A Work of Art


The best part about having a live event painter is they are not just set to your wedding. You can have them follow you for your second line, paint your church instead of your reception or even hire an artist to capture your engagement or stock the bar party. No matter which wedding event you chose, you’re guaranteed to have a work of art to brighten up your home and remind you of your Big Day forever.



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