As we embark upon this new year, many are reflecting on the good and bad of 2017. Though divisive politics and natural disasters dominated the news last year, the wedding industry saw only positivity.

Whenever a year wraps up, lists are made of trends and fashion and the like seen during the past 365 days. Trends are of course a top priority in the wedding industry. What were the most popular gown styles? What was the new twist on wedding cakes? Or maybe reception décor?

All of it is analyzed and reported, however, some take liberties with their opinions.

For example, we looked at the 2017 trends reported by wedding giants Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.


Here are their picks, our opinions and what we think the highlights were of 2017.


Martha Stewart Weddings:

  • Tropical Leaves
  • Bugs
  • Pampas Grass
  • Lucite and acrylic details
  • Deckle-edged wedding cakes
  • Rugs
  • Flower installations
  • Ceremony crescents
  • Customized dance floors
  • Food Trucks


There are many items on this with which we agree. Tropical flowers made many appearances in all types and styles of weddings throughout the year. From bouquets to invitations, Martha Stewart Weddings says banana leaves and palm fronds were everywhere. New Orleans Bride Magazine echoed that sentiment highlighting a tropical motif in its Summer-Fall 2017 stationary suite.

Lucite and acrylic details were used in many ways. There’s something chic about a clear or transparent piece of furniture. Martha Stewart Weddings reports, “clear chairs and see-through seating charts were just some of the details made from them in 2017.”

We also agree on the popularity of deckle-edged wedding cakes; rugs used in ceremonies, as well as receptions to give a lounge feel; and grand flower installations, hanging from ceilings and throughout a ceremony.

A Year in ReviewFood trucks, especially in New Orleans, have become almost a staple for any wedding reception or after party. And many companies throughout the country are getting creative with truck options, like Bubble Bros who serve prosecco from a van, which was reported in the Martha Stewart Weddings.

A few of the trends we do not necessarily agree with are the bugs, whether used as a wedding invitation adornment or décor in any way, the pampas grass and ceremony crescents (or wedding arch alternative). It’s not to say that these aren’t trending in other parts of the country, but we’re not sure it’s caught on in the Big Easy and beyond just yet.


The Knot:

  • Gift lounges
  • Metallic dresses and breezy silhouettes
  • Natural décor (going green)
  • Food trucks
  • Games
  • Furry friends
  • Image mapping
  • Party portraits
  • Translucent cakes


The Knot reported on myriad trends throughout the year, and way more than what we have here on this list. But the above are the trends that were spot on to what LTEC saw throughout the year. Metallic dresses, food trucks, games, translucent cakes and party portraits are all elements New Orleans brides have embraced. Obviously, we spoke about the food truck trend above, but party portraits are possible the most popular trend that blew up in 2017. It’s the best keepsake you could ask for from your wedding (besides maybe the bride’s dress or the professional wedding photography). These portraits are a work of art, that highlight your Big Day and you can display in your home. We do not see this trend disappearing anytime soon.

An element that is not a new concept, but saw more wedding time in the past year, is the idea of bringing outdoor or backyard games to the wedding reception. It’s fun, gets guests to loosen up and gives the wedding added value. We believe this trend will continue growing in 2018.

A newer concept to us, and something we haven’t seen much in the city, is the idea of a gift lounge. The Knot reports, “This deconstructed welcome bag is perfect for destination weddings. Instead of stuffing and delivering a gift for your guests, let them do the work (they’ll be glad you did).” Essentially, you add all of your favorite (local) items in a room, a swag room if you will, and let your guests pick what they want to bring home. With all the local artists and companies doing amazing things in the city, there is no way your wedding swag bag won’t be the hit of the party. Especially since the guest isn’t forced, or feel obligated, to take anything home with them.


All in all, 2017 saw many wonderful weddings. Each of these weddings brought its own individuality and created its own trend.


What trend do you plan to bring to your wedding? Did you have a favorite of those listed above?

Let us know in the comments. 



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*Invitation suite: Letterpress printed on heavyweight ecru stock, wedding guests are greeted with exuberant foliage, with the illustration of banana leaves coupled with soft, green ink at Scriptura. Photo by Theresa Casagne for Summer-Fall 2017 New Orleans Bride Magazine